Ice Breaker 2

Ice Breaker 2

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The CrossFit Open is right around the corner and set to start. This is the event to test your Open preparations and see where you are and what needs to be addressed. It’s a partner competition and should be fun, challenging, and telling just like last year. So grab a partner, and show up and be strong.

You will have to perform 3 WODs + 1 mini WOD as you navigate the event. We will test your skills, conditioning, and strategy. And of course your strength will be tested, as this is an Unbreakable event. There are options for Rx and Scaled athletes. Each will be taxing, but the Rx athletes will have more technical challenges as well and an increased load. The final 4 teams in each category will compete in a final event where cash prizes and gifts will be awarded to the top winners. e will use the CrossFit Open scoring format, and it will be cumulative.

You must register by January 31st to be guaranteed an event t-shirt. Refunds are not available for this event.


– Participants will receive a competition shirt and other goodies from our sponsors.
– Each team will participate in 3 WODs + 1mini WOD.
– The top 4 teams will participate in an additional championship WOD.
– Scoring will use the CrossFit Open scoring format, and it will be cumulative.
– Cash to the top Rx teams + other prizes for everyone on the podium.


– Male/Male Scaled
– Male/Male RX
– Female/Female Scaled
– Female/Female RX


CrossFit Unbreakable
Contact:  Jim Beebe


CrossFit Unbreakable
2198 Reeves Road, Building 2A
Plainfield, IN 46168
Map Link


– 7:00 AM EST:  Event Check In
– 8:15 AM EST:  Event Begins
– 5:00 PM EST:  Competition Ends


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WOD 1: Half the Unbreakable WOD

15min time cap. One athlete works while the other rests. See how far you can get.

– 5 Pull-ups
– 10 Power cleans Rx: 95/65 lbs. Scaled 95/65 lbs.
– 15 Shoulder to overhead. Rx: 95/65 lbs. Scaled 95/65 lbs.
– 20 Toes to bar. Scaled: Hanging knee raises.
– 25 Front squats: Rx: 95/65 lbs. Scaled 95/65 lbs.
– 30 American kettle bell swings: Rx: 53/35 lbs. Scaled: 53/35 lbs.
– 35 Dead Lifts: 95/65 lbs. Scaled 95/65 lbs.
– 40 Calorie row. Dampener at 5.5/4.5.
– 45 Hand release push ups.
– 50 Double unders. Scaled: 100 Single unders.
– 75 Burpees.


– Athlete 1 will have 5 minutes to establish a 1 rep max snatch.
– Athlete 2 will have 5 minutes to establish a 5 rep max press or jerk.
– Any snatch will count.
– The weight will be taken from the floor.
– The weight must be pressed and/or jerked 5 times consecutively for it to count.
– Athlete 1 will have 5 minutes, and the following athlete 2 will have 5 minutes.


– 10min EMOM
– Partner 1: works the odd mins.
– Partner 2: works the even mins.
– Your score is the total number of thrusters completed.
– Each minute: 12 box overs to start. After the box overs are completed, in the remaining time…complete as many reps as possible of thrusters.
– RX — 30″/24″ box, #135/#95 thruster
– Scaled — 24″/20″ box, #95/#65 thruster

Floater WOD

– RX — Athlete 1 does 50ft farmers carry (165/115 lbs). Athlete 2 does a free standing hand stand within a set area for max time.
– Scaled — Athlete 1 does 50ft farmers carry (135/75 lbs). Athlete 2 does a ring dip static hold for max time.

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