The Assault bike should be a part of your training for several reasons.

Not just that it burn a lot of calories, but it can also be used as a useful recovery tool and is helpful when injured. It allows area of the injury to move and provide blood flow.

The bike is also really beneficial for working on your endurance and conditioning. Using the assault bike at high intensity can also boost your mindset as it teaches you how to push yourself through tough workouts when the pain gets real. To make it a little bit harder and even more fun on the bike you can always play with various rest intervals and different calories amounts.

Try adding these WODs into your training:

Workout 1

5 Rounds:

  • 15 cals on the bike
  • 1 unbroken round of DT

Workout 2

Death by 2 Calories:

  • 2 calories the 1st minute.
  • 4 calories the 2nd minute
  • 6 calories the 3rd minute.

Carry on until you fail to achieve the required calories in the prescribed minute.

Workout 3 by Kristin Holte

  • Every 3 min for 24 min 45 sec Assault Bike for max calories⠀

Workout 4

10 Rounds:

  • 10 Calories Assault Bike
  • 10 Push-ups hand release

Workout 5 by Ben Smith

For Time:

  • 300 Calories Bike
  • 200 GHD
  • 100 Bar Muscle ups

Workout 6 by Josh Bridges

  • 20 Cal Assault Bike
  • 5 Back Squats 365 (use rack)
  • If you break: 10 Bar Facing Burpees

Workout 7 by Lauren Fisher

Three sets:

  • 50 Calorie Assault Bike
  • 1000 m Ski Erg
  • 2000 m Row

Rest 4-6 minutes.

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