Equipment Feature — elitefts Power Bar

In this video, Equipment Sales Director Matt Goodwin shows off the elitefts Power Bar and its specs, focusing on the bar's gnarly knurling. It's amazing how it easily fits into just about any gym — garage, private, or commercial. It’s no wonder it’s a favorite!

WATCH: SSTSS Presenter Dr. Kinakin on Weightlifting Injuries in Athletes

With all of his credentials, it’s no wonder Dr. Ken Kinakin has been a speaker at elitefts seminars — and he’ll be taking up the role again for the upcoming 2019 Strong(er) Sports Training and Success Summit. Here are the topics he'll be presenting on.

WATCH: What I’m Seeing and Why It’s Wrong: Fixing the Sumo Deadlift

elitefts coach and 2019 Stronger Sports Training Success Summit speaker Julia Anto has seen far too many social media lifts with poor form — enough to start up a video series to correct lifters' form. In the first video of the series, she fixes the sumo deadlift.
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