Minimal Effective Dose and the Search for Magic Bullets

To paraphrase Ronnie Coleman, “Everybody wanna be strong but nobody wanna lift heavy weights.” Ain’t that the truth. News flash: This is what you need.

Bodybuilding Exercises for the Powerlifter: The Big Picture (With Sample Routine)

Instead of just trying to get strong by getting as big as humanly possible, many lifters are paying more attention to their muscularity. Just take a look at Larry Wheels or Dan Green, and you’ll immediately know how successful this strategy can be.

Bodyweight Training for Lower-Body Strength and Power

We should not lose sight of the benefits that bodyweight training provides. Take a break from the barbell and machines and try Prison Squats, Nordic Leg Curls, Jump Squats, and Jump Tucks for newfound strength and explosiveness.

Progressions in Exercise Selection Based on Technical Proficiency

I firmly believe you have to start at the simplest movement that you can master correctly and then over time progress from the simple to the more complex movements. Download my basic outline with notes included here.
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