Performance Drive Response

Reading Al Miller's "The System" made me think about my most successful program. I’ve dubbed this hodgepodge of six years in strength and conditioning “Performance Drive Response,” which is a culmination of a bunch of different systems I’ve used, seen, and been in or...

Explosive Strength and Plyometric Options for Upper Body: How and When to Implement Them

Speed is king, right? Then you'd better train it. I have some medicine ball throws to get your athletes up to speed. Make sure those movements are crisp and fast! Go, go, go!

The Coach’s Guide to Faster and Stronger Female High School Athletes (with 12-Week Template)

Dear strength coaches: Stop treating female athletes like they're fragile little babies. They're not. From my experience, they'll be some of the best athletes you'll ever have the pleasure to work with.

Minimal Effective Dose and the Search for Magic Bullets

To paraphrase Ronnie Coleman, “Everybody wanna be strong but nobody wanna lift heavy weights.” Ain’t that the truth. News flash: This is what you need.
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