LISTEN: Reactive Training Systems Podcast #80 with Dave Tate

In the 80th episode of the Reactive Training Systems podcast, host Mike Tuchscherer and Dave Tate talk about how to build and strengthen relationships in order to lay down the foundation for a strong business and a legacy in competitive powerlifting.

WATCH: Table Talk — How Much of Your Workout Should Be Accessory Work?

There are quite a few things to take into account when it comes to accessory training. If you ask Dave Tate and Joe Sullivan, a few of these things include program design and competition distance (measured in time, not miles or kilometers), and more.

Can We Build Muscle After 50?

I asked my elitefts colleagues to do a study or if a study exists on whether or not we can build muscle and get stronger as seniors. Rather than wait for their responses, I decided to take matters into my own hands to address the topic myself, based on the individuals...

WATCH: Table Talk — Dave Tate and Joe Sullivan on Working Full-Time and Coaching

It doesn't matter if you're planning on coaching part-time or full-time; coaching is a job that requires time, passion, and a deep love of the sport — no matter the paygrade. If you're only in it for the glory or money, you're not going to last long.
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