The Great Fructose Debate

Some believe that fructose only replenishes liver glycogen and is unable to replenish muscle glycogen. Others believe that fructose is used first to replenish liver glycogen and then will replenish muscle glycogen. All we care about, for carb-loading use, are the...

Bodybuilding Exercises for Powerlifters — How to Use High Reps to Get Strong(er)

High-rep training is extraordinarily useful to powerlifters (even if it’s also extraordinarily unpleasant). Like any other programming tool, however, it needs to be used appropriately, or it can cause more harm than good.

Off-Season Bodybuilding Program for Powerlifters and Strongman Competitors, Weeks 5-8

The introductory four weeks should have improved your joints and helped you become accustomed to high reps. Now it's time to get more challenging.
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