WATCH: Table Talk Clip — Are Cheat Meals Worth It?

It’s better to have one cheat meal a week than to go off of the program and eat on a day that you’ve burned off a lot of calories and now have taken in more calories than lost. Don’t turn a fat-burning day into a fat-gaining day.

LISTEN: Table Talk Podcast #23 with Joe Sullivan and Janis Finkelman

Joe and Janis are returning for another episode of Table Talk Podcast with host Dave Tate. Expect all sorts of thoughts, questions, and answers for all things powerlifting-related.

LISTEN: Table Talk Podcast Clip — Cailer Woolam Bombed Out of His 1st Meet

Even Doctor Deadlift has bombed out, and for him, it was at his first meet as a 15-year-old in high school. Cailer Woolam was ready to quit, but he kept on pushing, and look at him now: one of the youngest people to make the deadlift world record.
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