Workout of the Day: Legs with Mark Dugdale

1. Unilateral Leg Curls 2. Cambered Bar Squats with Chains 3. Blood-flow Restriction Leg Extensions and Goblet Squats 4. Cable Pull-Through — click to see the sets, reps, and equipment I used for this leg workout so you can enjoy the same pump.

Equipment Feature — PRIME Fitness Squat Wedges

There is a lot of information about the science behind heel elevation during a squat. For the sake of keeping this article at a digestible length and in a language that's easy for just about every reader to understand, let's highlight a few of the key benefits of...

C.J. Murphy’s Specialty Bar Car Show #1

I get a lot of questions about bars from people. As someone who loves car shows and learning more about cars, I decided to teach people about specialty bars in a similar type of format. I call it: the bar show. (Get it? Bar show? Car show? OK, fine, I'll see myself...

Stay Focused and Watch Your Back

If you think you're getting a solid upper back that'll improve your bench press, deadlifts, and squats by using hard, forceful rowing exercises and lat pulldowns, think again. When you realize that, you've figured out that you need to change the way you train. Not...
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