The Travels of a Strength and Conditioning Coach — Jonathan Leitch’s Story

I quit my personal trainer job to become a strength and conditioning coach. I lived in my car, slept on a couch, and I even had a raccoon living in my apartment wall at one point. But all of these struggles and sacrifices were worth it.

It’s On Us to Become Better Strength Coaches

I’m here to remind everyone that we all have a part to play in making our field better and safer for our athletes. It's on us to ensure our athletes, schools, and overall profession are all the best they can be. Start by implementing these 5 simple steps in your...

LISTEN: Table Talk Podcast #20 with Alwyn Cosgrove

Alwyn Cosgrove made quite the splash at the SSTSS 2019 event, so it's only natural we'd have him sit down with Dave... plus, we have a couple of other guests joining Dave and Alwyn. Any guesses? Their last name starts with ant and ends in O...
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