WATCH: Jeremy Frey’s 2018 elitefts Sport Performance Summit — Front Squat Tips for Athletes

Missouri State University Director of Strength and Conditioning Jeremy Frey has a few ways to make front squatting easier to learn and more effective for your athletes. Here are the things that are most important to focus on.

S&C Programming Considerations for College Football Freshmen

What we all want is to set our freshmen up for success for the future. How we go about it isn’t about ego and “our system” or anything like that; it’s about taking the time to put thought into what you’re doing and what will be the best for them.

Cultivating Champions: How I Trained the C2 Volleyball Team

All of the athletes at this high-level volleyball academy are from overseas and come to the United States to get a better chance at receiving a collegiate scholarship. Working with head coach and founder Caitlyn Vann, this is what we did in our five short weeks.

The Coach’s Guide to Programming and Periodization: Surfing The Force-Velocity Curve and Changing Seasons

Understanding this tool for manipulating training intensities is key for athlete programming at every part of pre-season, in-season, post-season and off-season phases.
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