8/31/16 August Challenge Ends

In prehistory, humans would track their prey and wear them out, hunting them until they were exhausted. The ability to “lock on” to a bigger goal is valuable, and it’s easier when you are on the hunt. That is why working out or racing against...

8/30/16 Squat

Whoops… Strength: 5X3 backs squat. 5X3 box jumps for height. WOD: 3RFT 100′ weighted lunges 50 weighted sit ups 15 toes to bar #CFUStrong  

8/29/16 3-Person Teams

“Be like a postage stamp–stick to one thing until you get there.”—Josh Billings Fundamental Classes this week: Monday will be double unders. Wednesday will be kipping pull-ups. Both sessions are at 17:30. 9/1: Closed for Labor Day 9/17: Quaker...
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