Have you completed Adam Brown yet? You have today and tomorrow. Strength: 6X10 split squats (each leg) WOD: 4RFT 15 Front squats HAF 40 Weighted sit ups HAF #CFUStrong

7/29/16 Bench

What’s next? What are you training for? Do you even track your progress??? Strength: Bench Press 4X4 wide grip bench press 4X4 close grip bench press 10 pull a parts between sets WOD: Push presses Get to 100 push presses #115/75 Rest = 6 TTB...

7/28/17 DL

You’re strong? Really? Show me. Pick that weight up. Strength: 6X3 Dead Lift. Full stop at the bottom of each rep. Not T&G (Touch & Go) WOD: Chipper 300M row 30 Wall balls 30 Burpees over the ball 30 Weighted lunges (each) #45/25 30 Mountain climbers...
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