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  • 24MAR


    Week of March 23rd

    Week of March 23rd

    CFU Athletes. It’s Testing Week. Be sure to attend every day regardless of the plan you’re on. It’s included. We test all aspects of fitness. What will you see this week…

    CrossFit Total: 1RM in back squat, strict press, and dead lift
    Military 2 minute tests for push ups, sit ups, air squats, and pull ups.
    Sprint tests for 400m run and 500m row
    Unbreakable WOD
    Olympic Total: 1RM in snatch and clean and jerk
    Strength Total: 1RM in overhead squat, front squat, and bench press
    Endurance: 5K run or row
    Body Fat via the Bod Pod test
    CrossFit Open WOD 15.5
    What’s our schedule this week?

    Normal Class times
    NOTE: We will suspend the 6:30PM Friday class for the foreseeable future due to lack of interest. Please pass this along.
    Olympic Lift Lab: Monday 5:30PM. Tuesday 10:00AM. Thursday 10:00AM and 5:30PM
    Yoga: Tuesday 6:30PM and Saturday 8:30AM. (NOTE: No yoga on 3/31 and 4/4 next week)
    Bod Pod testing: Friday starting at 7:30AM. Sign up and pay at the box.
    Myo-Fit sports massage with Sara. Sign up here:
    Order your paleo food from Artie’s by Friday:
    Open WOD 15.5 Testing will only be done on Friday and Saturday this week. Plan accordingly.
    Schedule one-on-one time at the box with Mark Clevenger for Fundamentals
    Go out and crush it this week. #Unbreakable



  • 27FEB


    CrossFit Open 15.1

    CrossFit Open 15.1

    Here is an assessment from Coach Sarah, our mobility guru.

    Also be sure to watch this video on toes to bar:

    As per the open wods, 15.1 is going to be taxing. The first 9 min are light and fast, but there are things we need to be careful of because we will burn out. First and foremost, there is the grip issue. The toes-to-bar is going to get the grip burning, but you need to stay on the bar as long as possible to keep moving. Once you come off the bar on any round, just get on as soon as possible to keep getting reps. The deadlifts are light, but you must be cautious and aware of form at all times. This one will light up your lower back real fast and make the toes-to-bar much more difficult later if you fatigue the lower back. The snatch again is fairly light to moderate (for most women) and form needs to be stressed because there is 5 additional deadlifts done each round with the snatch added. I think the point of the snatch is really just to suck more oxygen out of your body. The only rest that I can see possible in this wod is with the deadlifts (only if form is good). This is a place where you might be able to catch your breath during the 10 reps. Once the AMRAP is done we move on to the 6 min of 1 RM clean and jerk. Spend 30-45 sec catching your breath, analyzing how you feel and setting up your first attempt, which you will hit. This should be a weight that you KNOW you will hit, but is moderately heavy. Hit this around 1 min-1:20 and then assess how you feel. You have plenty of time here still to add weight and get a few more reps in. I think you should be able to get about 80-90% your 1 RM here if you can control your breathing and settle in to this lift.

    There’s my analysis and here is the mobility warm-up for 15.1.

    Dynamic warm-up (conversational 500-1000m row)
    Glute bridges (hamstring and glute activation for DL) 5-10 for 20 sec
    Groiners (hip openers, 3-10 sec pause each leg) 3-5 each side
    T-push-ups 3-5 each side
    Forearm stretch 4×30 sec
    Forearm mashing with knee in forearm, 30 sec
    Good mornings 10-15
    Pigeon stretch 2x 1 min
    Child’s pose (taking arms side to side for lat stretch)
    Pass-throughs 10-15
    OHS with PVC pipe 5-10
    barbell clean and jerk (front squat and press for progression) 6 reps