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Work Out of the Day

  • 31JAN


    JAN 31

    JAN 31

    Last day for January. 1/12 done for 2015 (Rain Man says that’s about 8.5%). Keep moving forward with your goals. Set new ones and break them down into smaller ones. You can do it!!

    Yoga today at 8:30AM


    Strength: Bench press 10X2 HAF

    WOD: 4RFT

    10 Floor Press HAF

    10 Floor Wipers (Each)

    10 Chin ups




  • 26JAN


    Kendra’s Kall for Komfort 5K Run + WOD

    Kendra’s Kall for Komfort 5K Run + WOD

    CrossFit Unbreakable’s first event for 2015 will be Kendra’s Kall for Komfort.

    It’s a fundraiser for Julie Springs’ daughter, Kendra. Kendra is a great girl in middle school who just needs a little help from the Unbreakable family.

    There are two options:

    1. 5K run/walk

    2. 5K run/walk + CrossFit WOD

    It’s on March 21 at CrossFit Unbreakable. Here is the link. Please pass it along, post it to your Facebook page, and help support a great event.