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Work Out of the Day

  • 18SEP


    Hero WOD “DT”

    Hero WOD “DT”


    Bench Press

    5 rounds for time of:
    12 Deadlift
    9 Hang power clean
    6 Push jerk

    Thursday: Lift Lab at 10:00a. Lift Lab 5:30p. Sports Performance 5:30p and 6:30p. Fundamentals 5:30p.

    Friday: Sports Performance 5:30p.

    Saturday: Yoga at 10:30a.

    Sunday: Fundamentals at 11:00a

    Monday: Lift Lab at 5:30p. Sports Performance 5:30p and 6:30p.

    Tuesday: Lift Lab at 10:00a. Yoga at 5:30p. Sports Performance 5:30p and 6:30p.

    Wednesday: Sports Performance 5:30p and 6:30p.

    Upcoming events:

    Next Weekend!!! Sept 27th- DePauw tailgate.

    Sept 27- Bracket Buster at Naptown for Zach, Cody, Jenn and Britter.

    Oct 11th- Barbells and Burpees for Boobs-

    Oct 25th- Annual Unbreakable Epic Halloween Party-

    Nov 8th- Hometown Hero’s Competition-



  • 22AUG


    Last Call for Apparel Orders!

    Last Call for Apparel Orders!

    Friday: Hey Athletes, today is the last day to order your shirts, tanks, and shorts! Get ‘em in so you can sport you’re favorite box’s gear. Shirts $25 and shorts $35. Payment needs to be made by today.

    Saturday: Yoga with Melanie 10:30a – 11:30a. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a shot! The price is included in your membership!

    Sunday: Fundamentals at 11:00a is a good one- Overhead Squat, Thrusters and get your benchmark on one of our Favorte girls, FRAN!

    Open gym followed by Open House from 1:00 – 3:00 come find out about Lift Lab and Sports Performance at Crossfit Unbreakable.


    Back squat 6×4 at 78%
    Pendaly Row 5×5
    10 min AMRAP
    Mountain climbers
    10 Plyometric (jumping) lunges
    10 Clean and Jerk #95/65